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      China SCE successfully issued “the second tranche of medium-term notes”

      In August 2023, China SCE Group successfully issued the second tranche of medium-term notes, with an issuance size of RMB700 million, a term of three years, a coupon rate of 4.28%, and a subscription ratio of 1.8 times, China Bond Insurance Co., Ltd. (“CBIC”) further provide full unconditional irrevocable joint liability guarantee.

      China Bond Insurance Co., Ltd. is the first professional bond credit promotion agency. According to the guidance of the People's Bank of China in 2009, it was jointly initiated and established by the China Interbank Market Institutional Investors Association and a number of powerful state-owned enterprises.

      In 18 January, China SCE successfully issued the first tranche of medium-term notes during the year.  Following the success of this issue, China SCE Group became the second private real estate company to issue medium-term notes for the second time during the year.  It is explicated that China SCE Group was recognised by the capital market for its steady development and claimed as the strongest guarantee for bond investors.

      The development will likely remain subdued.  Recently, despite the launch of favorable real estate policy, the recovery progress of the industry is still long and tortuous. China SCE will also consolidate the differentiation competitiveness of “Primary business supplemented by synergic business activities”, maintain healthy operation and continue to adhere to the operation and welcome the future.  

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