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      Recruitment platform
      about sce
      Key value proposition

      We build to inspire

      Corporate Mission

      Creating smart living to help
      seize happiness

      Corporate Vision

      Building a century-long corporate legacy
      Leading the creation of a better lifestyle

      Core Values

      Customer-oriented – Strive for customers’ satisfaction and trust

      Persistence – Devoted to create values

      Simplicity and Self-discipline – Simplicity brings ultimate wisdom; self-discipline grants the greatest freedom

      Embrace Change– Dare to change,self breakthrough,continuous iteration

      SCE Spirit

      Craftsmanship – A customer orientated spirit, serve with heart and dedication
      Strive to Thrive - A self-motivated attitude, diligence with spontaneous drive to excel
      Innovation – Redefine today by anticipating tomorrow
      Collaboration – To create synergy, accomplish reciprocal altruism

      SCE Principles
      Principle of Strategy – Redefine today by tomorrows

      The key to Strategy - Trade-off

      Principle of Management – People first

      The key to Management - Insight into human nature

      Principle of Operation – Find the right path despite the challenge

      The key to Operation - Maintain proper accounts

      Principle of Risk Control – Reverence to survive

      The key to Risk Control - Reverence

      Cultural journal
      Junzhi FutureSCE Dream
      More internal issues
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